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The asset management companies of CQ Investment Group specialize in quantitative asset management, ESG, sustainability and social impact investing, asset management for pension funds and alternative investments. Our broad product portfolio is designed to cover as many investor needs as possible.


ARTS specializes in developing technical, quantitative trading systems. Designed to take investment decisions without any emotional influence, these fully-automated systems focus on generating long-term positive returns and limiting losses via active risk management. In the past 21 years, ARTS funds have received more than 370 international awards.

C-Quadrat Asset Management

Impact Asset

C-Quadrat Impact Asset Management was established in 2006 under the name “Absolute Portfolio Management” and has been part of CQ Investment Group since 2012. The Vienna-based company specializes in absolute return strategies and focuses on sustainable investments and Microfinance products.

Quantic Risk Solutions<

Financial Solutions

Founded in 2012, Quantic Risk’s algorithms analyze in real time fundamental financial information of companies worldwide, quantify it, risk-rate it and then elaborate forecasts for both risk assessments or investment strategies.

C-Quadrat Asset Management France

Asset Management

In 2018 CQ Investment group acquired a controlling stake of Paris based Advenis Asset Managers. Today C-Quadrat Asset Management France provides innovative investment funds for professional and private investors in the European mid-and small cap markets.

VIG C-Quadrat


C-Quadrat Investment AG and the Polish insurance companies of Vienna Insurance Group have founded "VIG C-Quadrat TFI", based in Warsaw. Investment services and investment funds for Polish investors are offered. The product range includes ESG funds as well as funds used as part of the state pension programme.

C-Quadrat Ampega Asset Management Armenia

C-Quadrat Ampega
Asset Management

C-Quadrat Ampega Asset Management Armenia is a joint venture set up by CQ Investment Group and Talanx Asset Management. Since 2013, the asset manager has been managing Armenian pension funds on behalf of the government as one of two providers.

Accession Capital Partners

Accession Capital

Accession Capital Partners, formerly known as Mezzanine Management, is a pioneer of mezzanine finance with a heavy focus on Central and Eastern European countries. The company lead by industry and regional experts, has been investing growth capital in mid-market business since the year 2000.

Lio Capital


The Italian investment firm focuses on special situation and distressed investments. It has been market active for over ten years. The event-driven investment strategy focuses on investment opportunities with low underlying risk and high collateralisation to generate higher risk-adjusted returns.

Accuro Group


Accuro Group Holding AG is an independent financial group for services related to the lifecycle of investment funds (one-stop store for fund solutions). It specializes in the design, establishment, management and distribution of investment funds.

AG Capital


AGC GmbH (AG Capital) is an Austrian private equity advisory company focused on growth and buy-out investments in small and medium sized enterprises in Austria and other European markets.